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Returning to Church

Each year, a number of people come back to regularly practicing their faith in our parishes. All their journeys are different, but they all share such a joy in coming home.  If you have been away from practicing your faith and are thinking about returning to regularly coming to Mass, we would love to help support you in your journey. This support can be in whatever form you’d like. You can meet with a priest or member of the parish one to one if this would help you. We also regularly hold a Landings group for returning Catholics. This is an opportunity to meet up with others who are on a similar journey back and support each other. Here are the stories of a couple of people in our parishes who have recently made this journey:

Paul's Story

We will all hit rocky parts along life's road and family and friends can always help but sometimes we need a bit more than just family and friends. No matter how many mistakes we make on life’s journey I don't believe that Our Blessed Lord ever gives up on us and his door is always open to us we just have to make the effort to go through the door.

Katie's story

When I come to Mass now I am at one with my God, my mother and father. I cannot begin to tell you how fulfilled my life finally is. Yes, it’s a scary experience to take the plunge and come back to church but believe me, everyone is so very kind and offers you such a warm welcome


Contact our Parish Priest, Fr Richard Elson, for more information and support.

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