Our parishes support a number of projects within our local community and the wider world, mainly in partnership with other local Christians and agencies. If you'd like to get involved with any of these, please ask the parish office for further details.

Julian Trust

The Julian Trust runs an emergency night shelter located in the centre of Bristol for homeless people and rough sleepers. A number of our parishioners help at the shelter, mainly in cooking and serving meals. We also have a box in the lobby of the church where you can leave donations of food and clothes for the shelter.

Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

CAP is a national organisation specialising in debt counselling for people in financial difficulty, including those in need of bankruptcy or insolvency. Together with other local Christians we support our local debt centre financially and with volunteers.


In partnership with other local Christians, we support our local foodbank. This is based in Clevedon, with branches in Nailsea and Portishead and provides emergency food to people in crisis. Our parishioners volunteer to help distributing food. We also collect food for the foodbank in the porch of our church. Finally, we distribute vouchers to people in need so that they can access the foodbank.

Wellspring Counselling

Wellspring was established as a registered charity in 1994 by local Church Leaders and GPs. Wellspring offers confidential help and support to people in our local community. Wellspring offers a unique service in the North Somerset area making Counselling accessible to all in a timely and cost effective manner. A number of our parishioners are volunteer counsellors for Wellspring. We also contribute to financially support the project.

Syrian vulnerable people relocation scheme

Together with other local Christians, we support a number of families from Syria who have been settled in the area through the national government scheme. This is the current situation:


Our first family have now been in Nailsea for two years.  They have made major adjustments and are beginning to settle well.  Some of their extended family have now also arrived in Somerset and it has been a great blessing and joy to them all.

The Father has now achieved the first part of his safety certificate for the construction industry which was his previous employment in the Middle East.  He has  passed his motor cycle driving test.  He is hard working and prepared to help with construction jobs and general DIY.   If you are able to offer work please see contact details at end.

Our second family are having all the struggles of the first year in a foreign culture.  It is like a roller coaster of huge ups and downs.  Although they have been displaced through war they still grieve for the home and people they left behind.  They have also made big achievements mainly with English language learning.  Both families would  like to make friends with others of a similar age with young children. 


Thank you to all the volunteers on the team who have been extremely adaptable in unpredicted situations.  


Elaine, Frank and Terry went as delegates to the “Welcome churches” conference in London on October 12, 2019.  This is a national organisation that specialises in supporting immigrants.  See website for more details  (welcomechurches.org)     

Christians Together in Clevedon are looking for houses so that they can follow a similar programme.  With this in mind and planning for more families in the future we have been re-assessing our programme.  We have produced a discussion paper for how we continue to work as volunteers with the council, boundaries for volunteers and working on a paper (Who we are and what we can do) for our Syrian families.

North Somerset Council

There have been many changes.  The case worker was moved to a new high demand Council post last May.  However she was to continue with the Syrian families plus new job until her replacement arrived.  The new case worker started at the beginning of September and we have not yet met.  The senior project officer left on 25 September and will not be replaced soon. The other project officer was moved to different work many months ago.  We now have only The Head of High impact families and the new case worker to support us. 

The Future 

We need some younger but mature volunteers.  Most syrian families arriving are in the 20-40 age group.  They have enormous respect and value for older people and our senior volunteers are amazing but it would be a real asset to have younger folk.  

The war continues, and has now extended across the Turkey/Syrian  border.   Displacement continues of Syrians and Kurds so the need for help continues.  The government have extended the Syrian programme for another year until December 2020.    

We need to find more accommodation before we can have another family.  2/3 bedroom properties for a minimum of 2 years at housing benefit rates.  If you think you may be able to offer any work or property please give your phone number or email to Holy Trinity Office Nailsea. Phone-01275 853227, office open Mon.-Fri. 9am-12pm.  I will then contact you.

Prayer points

  • Both families.   Job opportunities,  uneventful pregnancy and maternity services (new baby due in January), English language learning.

  • Volunteers need  discernment, spiritual values, stamina and support

  • Leadership - renewed strength, wisdom, stamina, support

  • Good negotiations with NSCouncil. 

  • New Houses/flats