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About the Sponsorship Project

For many families it is very difficult to afford the school fees for their children. Sometimes it is the children themselves who are trying to earn enough money to pay their own fees.

Many times Fr Augustine is told by the family that their child will not return next term as they do not have the money. Where possible he try's to ‘balance the books’ and find a way to help everyone, but really has nowhere to turn.



Fr Augustine will provides us with regular reports and updates on the School and the children you have been able to help. About once a year, most sponsors receive a letter sent personally by the child they are supporting.


What do they say? Here's an example:

"My life long dream of attending secondary school is moving forward, thanks for your generous educational scholarship"

"I thought all was lost, thanks for you, made me something out of nothing"

"I lost hope when my father died as my mother could not continue paying my school fees"

"I was very happy that someone I had neither seen nor known could pay my school fees"



This is an opportunity for you to directly and specifically help an individual - with direct contact and feedback where possible.

It allows you to have that personal contact, not through intermediaries such as a parish project, a charity organisation or a collection basket. They all have their place, but this will make a difference - and you will see it yourself.

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