We serve the local Catholic parishes in Nailsea and Backwell, Portishead and Pill.


Everyone is welcome and we invite you to become part of

our growing congregation.

A warm


Hi, I'm Fr Tom Dubios. I serve as the parish priest at both St Francis of Assisi, Nailsea and St Joseph, Portishead.

It would be such a pleasure to see you at one of our services. Please do get in touch, if there's anything we can do to help you.

Mass times

St Francis, Nailsea

11am Sunday mornings

6pm Sunday evenings

St Joseph, Portishead

6pm Saturday evenings

9am Sunday mornings


St Francis, Nailsea

6pm to 6.45pm Wednesdays 10am Thursday to 7pm Friday 

St Joseph, Portishead

6pm Tuesdays to 9am  Wednesdays

  11am to midnight Wednesdays


St Francis of Assisi, Nailsea

5.30 to 5.50pm Sundays

6 to 6.30pm Wednesdays

St Joseph, Portishead

5.30 to 5.50pm Saturdays